Clothing photography

Communicate your brand qualities through photography, done right. Stunning photography requires garment arrangement, lightning, shot settings and hundreds of “small details” be consistent, every shot.

Our state of the art technology produces high quality, consistent photography with minimum post-production.

Highest Quality

EcomSolutions provides perfect clothing photography for your lookbook, webshop or Instagram profile – true to nature and attractively photographed on an
invisible mannequin.

Ghost mannequin technology

Invisible man photos have the shape of a mannequin without being visible on the photo.

Online immediately

You want your collection online as quickly as possible. We respect that – you get a link to download the ready photos on the day of the shooting.

File type

Photos can be delivered in various file types: RAW, PNG, TIFF, CR2 & JPG.

Backgrounds and shadows

Each photo can be provided with backgrounds, logos, and / or shadow incidents.

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